There are many opportunities to learn English in Toronto for little or no cost.

These programs are run by the government, churches and non-profit organizations.

However, the classes are usually large and there is little individual attention. They are usually not available evenings or weekends.

The classes tend to focus on the whole language approach (reading, writing, speaking, and listening), which is a good method for teaching a new language.

Once you grasp the basics, though, you’d like to go to stores, banks, the workplace, and that means speaking.

At Concise Communication, we offer classes that focus exclusively on conversation. These classes are theme-based and loosely structured. For example, classes will begin with a short icebreaker so we can get to know one another. The topic will be introduced. There will be group work and pair work.

Instructors are native speakers experienced in facilitation. They will lead the class and model the correct structures, but it will be you doing the talking.

We offer classes to suit your schedule — daily, weekly, afternoons, evenings.

Most important, class size is limited to six people per instructor.

We ask that anyone signing up for theses classes be prepared to treat your fellow classmates with tolerance and respect.